Orange amplifier dating

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I dunno I think this amp could actually live up to its name.

#6: Vox AC-30CC New w/ Al Ni Co Blues 00, std model 00 The amp I am recommending is the currently available Chinese made Vox AC-30 combo with the Al Ni Co Blue Celestions in the 2×12 configuration with a street price of about 00.

Great blues and rock amp, I also think it’s a good country amp although I think a bit more presence would help for a real country twang.

Unlike its smaller sibling the aforementioned Delta Blues this amp can go years without power tube change.

Let me say it right away this is not a versatile amp it has basically one sound, and depending on the volume it gets crunchier as you turn it up.

This is the deal, put a Les Paul through it and you will sound like Jimmy Page.

Lots of different eq settings were available, which made many guitarists feel (yours truly included) a bit overwhelmed.

It also lets you run the power tubes hotter or colder as well as the voltage going to the filter caps, this option gives you the option of running the amp tighter or with a bit more sag.

It has a master volume and you can combine the two distictincly different sounding channels with a flick of a mini toggle. All in all this amp is a great deal for the $, but you better work out before you bring it to your gig, it will make your Twin Reverb feel like a Pignose.

Some Fenderphiles will also want to have their tech upgrade to the Blackface correct solid core cloth covered wire.

I will say again, the Blackface are the crowning achievement of Leo Fender Amp legacy. I highly recommend modding the high power Twins and Supers from the late 70’s they have an very desirable headroom, especially when Blackfaced.

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