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When the OTA affecs not only the software but also the firmware its called (Firmware Over The Air) Doesn't need to be mentioned that this procedure won't erase any kind of data, such like photos, videos, contacts...But OTAs are not always available, in most of the cases, because of the data losing that carries, or the needing of a computer since the device must be turned off.An alternative for those who cannot use it, is ROM Manager, but ROM Manager simply downloads the full ROM Updated instead of just the archives needed.For ROM manager, must be said that it is also used to do other things such like instal recoveries, make backups, perform flashes and an endless ensemble of possibilities.If this situation is yours, then you can opt for an easier option, wait until your phone company solve it (by enabling the OTA version for instance), or download the update on your computer and do the installation by your own way, with a support program and connecting the computer and the device with a USB cable, frequently provided along with it.Not all the Non OTA Updates require a support program.If your are going to update via OTA, the option will automatically appear when a new version becomes available.

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Complete Program Overview Application OPEN - Deadline: September 9, 2019Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) works to promote excellence in care for the injured patient, through provision of scientific forums and support of musculoskeletal research and education of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the public.

not exactly, by OTA way you will 'just' get you device bricked) To solve it, you can download and install the update manually from some webs as in no-OTA Update.

Some webs, also offer services or software that helps to do it quicker.

There are some kinds of updates and, obviously, a way to execute it for each one.

Some of them are automatically, others, require an additional software, or maybe is needed a manual installation…

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