Prostitution sexy chatting rooms

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Then there is “crazy technology”, where people think of bullet trains, gadgets, and robots.

The last one will surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, be “sex” or “prostitution”. This may (or may not) surprise you, but Japan has a very large sex industry that still thrives after hundreds and hundreds of years.

Do you wish to enjoy more than just a conversation?

Be prepared to burn a giant hole in your pocket, then.

Pole dance performances will set you back around 10,000 to 12,000 yen per hour, and if you are looking for a “higher class” escort, paying north of 80,000 yen per hour is not unheard of.

The first category is “interesting, rich culture”, where people think about things like samurai and ninja culture, temples and shrines, and museums depicting the country’s rich history.

The second category would be “anime paradise”, where popular animated shows and comic books spring to mind at the mention of their country of origin.

This is just one of the pieces of Japanese erotic art you can find.

It is interesting and slightly bemusing that sex is so celebrated in artwork and modern pop cultures such as animation, as well as the fact that you can find many sex shops in Tokyo such as Shibuya and even Akihabara, yet the Japanese as a society remain, on the surface, quite shy and reluctant to talk about it.

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