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No one was really ready for the Dolls to break up."Bachar had been part of the Pussycat Dolls since 1995 when they were still a burlesque group.

She left in 2008, and is credited with vocal solos in songs sch as Buttons and Tainted Love.

Sutta quit the band in 2010, saying she felt like a “glorified back-up dancer”, with a broken rib being what finally pushed her to exit.

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Over subsequent years, more and more members have forged their own media careers; and now in the UK we have one on Dancing On Ice and another on Strictly Come Dancing.So who were all the members of the girlband, and where are they now? The most famous Doll, Scherzinger was recruited in the early-mid 2000s after the Pussycat Dolls had been a burlesque troupe since the late 1990s.She was quickly established as the lead singer, and has claimed in interviews that on many songs, she is the only one who even recorded any vocals at all.There was a silver lining, though: her song Woman Up was covered by Meghan Trainor.Wyatt, like Roberts, was with the Dolls long before the likes of Scherzinger and Thornton joined.

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