Raddatepicker selected date not updating

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I am using Telerik's Rad Date Picker control which i think is essentially a Date Time control and i would like to extract the selected date and string it to a variable. I have a Rad Combo Box and upon selection of its Selected Index Changed event method that works without even having to set the additional Date Input.But it is not anymore if I set a Db Selected Date on page_load, and I can't figure out why. In order to avoid this you should use the following condition for setting the Db Selected Value property: Hello Arnaud, I am not sure that I understand what you mean with your last post.Although that your Rad Date Picker does not initiates a postback, when you need to retrieve the value on some event (like a button's On Click event), that event will fire on postback and the Page's Load event will also be fired.If you have another WPF element you can change focus to that at the beginning of your button press event, this will make the datepicker process any text entered in it's textbox.I've only tried this with a combobox but it seems to work and it allows you to still have custom formatting on your dates (ie 26/04/2016 rather than 04/26/2016).This example shows of how to use default value in the dropdown calendar and value in the text box.It also shows how to set default value to previous date.

I will forward this to our developers, for further researching and a fix will be available in some of the upcoming releases. As a token of gratitude for your feedback I have updated your Telerik points.

but when I delete the date through backspace and if I try to select the same date again from calender, It does not get displayed in text box.

When I investigated through snoop I saw the in Selected Date property of Date Picker control the value I deleted is still there but in text box text propery value is empty as I deleted it.

I have overridden the default template for date picker control only style for datepicker textbox is changed.

Now, the problem is when I select a date through calender it got displayed in text box through binding.

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