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If I go and force a relationship now, but have no time to develop it, then it's not fair to my other half.I won't think too much now, when fate comes then I'll figure it out."Raymond's father Lam Wah Kwok (Lin Hua Guo) has a real estate business in Mainland.As partners in a series and for filming purposes, I did have 'good feelings' for her. Raymond frankly said that each day, all his time is put on work, he has a very tight schedule, so he's always been teased that his life is very 'dry'.Although he's not in a rush to find his 'goddess', but every parent is worried about their children.However, for match-making I need to ask my company to see if it's okay first.I personally feel that you can't force relationships.Therefore, it is no wonder that she paired with Raymond for a total number of 4 times, starting from her minor role in Eternal Happiness to one of the leading roles in The Master of Tai Chi.

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Although he never directly said that, every parent wants their own son or daughter to be by their side more often.

Asked if his father is worried about his love life?

He said: "My dad never asked me about my relationships.

There will always be stress, but what’s most important is that I'm clear on every step I take."This year Raymond is earning a lot from his jobs, was he rewarding himself by buying a 200 million car and luxury home?

Raymond said: "Before I got this new one, I used my previous car for 10 years.

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