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Is there a proper way to set this up that I missed? I found a way to make the Repository & Activity pages work, sort of. I have to specifically refresh the Repository page of each individual project for any changes to show up in the Activity stream.

Hi there, First of all, thank you Eric for this great module ;) I have exactly the same issue as discribe here, I can only see the first commit in the Redmine repository panel. It seems that this problem revolves around the Max Cache Time parameter in the Git Cache Parameters section of the plugin configuration page. My initial test project for this was a single text file, that noted what I did each commit.

If I jump to the repository tab and browse the branch in question, I can see my most recent commits, and only after this step are the associated revisions listed under the issues they refer to.

How do I make associated revisions update automatically, regardless of which branch my changes are committed to?

Added the code to the file and this is the result: Hmm..

If it would help, I can upload a copy of the VMWare Player image I'm using, and instructions of the installation route I took.

For the '/tmp/redmine_git_hosting/run_git_as_git_user', I've found it necessary to change "git $cmd" to "/usr/local/bin/git$cmd".

Whenever an change is made in the plugin configuration panel, this change gets reverted. I was expecting Redmine/the plugin to automatically detect new pushes, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

The repository updates properly, and I can browse through all repository branches in redmine with no problem.

However, associated revisions don't show up in issues automatically for commits made to any branch other than master.

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