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That the lamp would diffuse the light a little bit and keep people from going blind or whatever they thought would happen.

A TV lamp doesn’t have a shade like a normal lamp, there’s a bulb behind it so it creates a silhouette of whatever the lamp itself is and it’s casting light on the wall behind the TV, so it’s kind of a mood lighting sort of feeling. I got looking for them in different places and soon realized there were thousands of different TV lamp designs.

Mark Stevens discusses the history and varieties of collectible 1950s TV (television) lamps.

Based in Fort Worth, Mark can be reached via his website, Texans Incorporated, which is a member of our Hall of Fame.

A panther kind of fit in with all that, an exotic animal from a foreign land. I know, because of my three websites, I get a lot of emails. I think people probably started collecting TV lamps in the 1980s.

I was born in Fort Worth and lived here my whole life and never heard of Bangs, Texas.

So one day my wife and I decided to drive to Bangs, Texas and see what’s there.

Many of them are marked by the manufacturer and in most cases it’s a company you’ve never heard of.

A number of the lamps had a marking on them that said Kron and no one knew what that meant.

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