Rules for updating an addendum

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As a landlord, you don’t want to deal with one tenant who pays his or her share of rent, while another tenant doesn’t pay.

Be sure to remember that technically each tenant is responsible for the full amount.

The tenant is expected to take care of the property, the fixtures, and appliances.

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There may be exceptions to this rule with the landlord’s permission, but generally landlords don’t want the property to be used as a business because of the added liability and risk.

For example, guests or customers in the building can bring additional noise and foot traffic, more delivery personnel, parking problems, and disturbance to neighbors.

In addition, this clause states the property should only be occupied by people listed on the lease and who submitted an application for the property.

And the landlord cannot say “no” if the sublet request is reasonable. The volume of televisions, speakers, radios, and musical instruments should all be reasonable.

To create a sublease agreement with a tenant, take advantage of Rocket Lawyer’s free trial. And during the hours from 10pm to 7am, volume should be set so that neighbors can’t hear any noise.

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