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They also have the wits of the enigmatic magician Caiphrestos and the legendary panther, Stasi, a relationship that Carr plays with constantly.

The story, then, is relatively simple, even if the dense writing tries to obscure that.

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Fourth studio album by the American indie folk group; their first since 2016's critically-acclaimed '22, A Million'.

The Legend of Broken certainly isn't uninteresting to read, and it's the questioning of how an ancient community might have developed is rather intriguing.

However, Carr really needs to allow us to feel the characters rather than treating us to large chunks of exposition posing as dialog.

When the place and time are relatively static and confined, as in his stunning novel, The Alienist, the result is hard to resist, detail upon detail building on top of one another to create a tale so utterly real, you feel the necessity to imbibe every word and phrase.

But when the landscape is less enclosed, as in the 8th century Germania across which The Legend of Broken sprawls and tumbles, the effect can be very different.

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