Sedating kids for dental procedures

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Call Today To Learn More The greatest advantage of putting a child to sleep while getting their dental work done is that they will not be traumatized by their dental work.Some of the medications that are used actually help the child forget all about what happened during the treatment.Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment Today Young children or toddlers are often very frightened of the dentist.The sounds they hear from the dental drill and the feeling of pressure that they feel, can make them go hysteric, even if they do not actually feel pain.So, I am unable to comment if the dental teams that administered sedation to the affected children were properly trained and followed all standard-of-care safety protocols.

Pediatric sedation dentistry, done right, is perfectly safe. I personally have treated more than 15,000 children and adolescents under all forms of in-office sedation protocols – relying on oral sedative drugs thousands of times – and never once had a problem. After the introduction of formulated orally-given midazolam syrup in the 1990s, I've never even needed to use its readily available sedation reversal agent, which if necessary, can be a life saver.Fortunately, our offices do try to help patients afford this option through Care Credit.The younger the child, the more suitable of a candidate they are to be put to sleep through treatment.Moreover, some children need to have a lot of dental work completed on multiple teeth.Thus, it is often best to put the child completely to sleep using general Anesthesia in order to finish all of the treatment in one, stress-free visit.

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