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That said, if you do find out that someone has gotten the same dress as you, you can POLITELY let her know that you’re gonna be twinsies, on the off chance that she’ll be just as horrified and want to exchange her dress. My one friend told me I shouldn’t care about the best, but it’s still kind of bothersome.. Auntie, There’s a guy I’ve known for months, who’s super sweet and super cute, and who I talk to daily.

Otherwise, though, just plan to grab seats on opposite sides of the room and then let it go. I’ve borrowed his hoodie, shared snacks and chilled out on long bus rides home (we were teammates during the winter season).

As for how to confront her, be totally direct and TOTALLY casual.

No whining, no attacking; just call out the elephant in the room, like, “Hey, I can’t help noticing that you’ve been avoiding me since I asked you out that one time.

I cant trust him more than any other person I know, and we are very very close friends, i just adore being around him. 🙂 A group of girls, including me, would like to go to prom, but we can’t think of any guys to come with us. I think an all-female group at prom sounds like a blast. Just go for it—you and your friends will have a great time together. Well I told him that I liked him and he basicly said,in a very nice way,that he didn’t like me. It also helps if you rewire yourself to fixate on what makes him totally UNattractive—everybody has something about them that’s truly icky, and he’s no exception. So there is this guy I really like, and he really likes me and we talk all the time and are great friends.

so I’m begging you, please can you shed a little light on these confusing feelings of mine? From me in New Zealand 😀 It sounds like you’ve got a good thing going with your boyfriend—just relax and see what happens, okay? (we were going to have a group, not dates) Is it weird to go to prom with no guys to dance with? Hey Auntie, I’ve also got a prom question which I hope doesn’t sound super silly but im trying to choose between two different colors of dresses orangey-red and white, not sure which to choose, help! I’m trying to focus on “getting over it” and just trying to be his friend. Does he have any gross habits, ugly personality traits? Whatever it is, think of it every time he looks at you. The problem is that my parents don’t allow me to date!

) MY best friend (guy) has liked me since half way through last year, i liked him too but didnt want to commit to anything because i was terrified of changing my mind. Sorry, that’s rough—partly, you just need time to let your brain/heart catch up to reality.(And by that I mean, “I couldn’t see to type with the gorilla mask on.”) Auntie, I don’t want to go to prom. And I’m not just saying that because I don’t think anyone will ask me. The other, less-pleasant possibility is that he’s not interested and just used your brother as a convenient excuse rather than be blunt about it. Auntie, What happens if someone you know gets the same dress as you? Or do you go and try to return yours, even though that’s not possible? What you can do is make sure that the people who matter (i.e. I get that you and a friend started this up as an in-joke, but the point at which it went public is the point at which your friends should have said, “Hey, enough.” Have you mentioned to any of them that your feelings are hurt? What matters is whether you’ll have fun going, hanging out with your friends, dancing, and taking goofy pictures.As for why she’s acting like this, I can only guess at it—she might be worried that talking to you would give you false hope, or maybe she’s not sure how to act now.Some people are so afraid of things getting awkward, they inadvertently make them a billion times more awkward by avoiding and acting sketchy.

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