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By this handfome connexure, and linking one opinion to another, the credu- lity of the Chriftians was eafily infnared ; all this while the new forg'd opini- ons yeilding plentifull increafe, and great fummes of money, by a hundred de- vifes fcrewed out of the Clergy, and common people came, daily to the Pope, and Court of Rome.

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At whofe importunity, I have contented to fet forth this Book, written at firft, to no other intent, then to pre- fer ve by me the image of my Fathers life ; and now, in ib confirmed a farne of him, rather thought neceffary by others, then £o judged by mf felf. The firft nurfe cf his more ferious Studies, was Sr/fen-nofe Colledgc, Where he Was Cham- ber-fellow with Doctor Novell fo famous a man in this Citie afterward , and Dean of Fouls .• That no great raarveil it was, if their manners were fo like in the courfe of theh Tives, whofe education, and nurture in Youth was the fame.

In the mean while the A& or' the fix Articles was ftill in force, and if any were found guiky of the breach thereof, they were fure of punifhment.

So that as long as the King held the middle way between his own Genius, and the advice of his Counfel- lors, feeding them with favours, upon which they could build no aflurance, and pleaiing himiclf inhis own feverity, fear, and hope, equally prevailed.

The firft news of the aboliftiing the Popes iupremacy was as profperous as welcome to the Reformers ; and divers joyned A 4 v themlelve^ The Life of M after John Fox, thcmfclvesto'themoutof love to the truth, being further allured of the Kings intentions, by the punifhment taken on fome of the contrary part, and efpecially when the Abbies.

were diffolved; nor was their hope a little increafed, when they perceived the Noblemen more or lette to rife in the good opinion and fa- vour of the King, as any of them moft oppofed the Popes dominion.

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