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It is an extremely small and quiet space, with cherry blossom, sycamore, oak, and palm trees dotting the landscape, as well as several stone benches on which one can sit and reflect. The tree in front of which James Hurley (aka James Marshall) stood during the funeral is located just east of Laura’s burial site., weirdness, of course, ensues – one of the mourners has a Tourette’s moment and starts screaming out “Amen”, Laura’s father, Leland Palmer (aka Ray Wise), jumps on her coffin as it is being lowered into the ground, and a fist-fight even breaks out. Laura Palmer’s funeral was held in the northwest section of Sierra Madre Pioneer Cemetery, in the area denoted with a pink “X” above. The crooked tombstone that was visible in the background of the scene is, I am fairly certain, the same tombstone that is circled in the above photograph. In real life, James’ tree is located behind a large gravestone that reads “Gibson P.” as an Eighth Grade yearbook quote, this was a particularly special moment.Big THANK YOU to Brad, from Brad D Studios, for telling me about this location! Stalk It: Sierra Madre Pioneer Cemetery, from the “Rest in Pain” episode of is located at 553 East Sierra Madre Boulevard in Sierra Madre.LOS ANGELES, CA — More than 100 former Boy Scout leaders who appeared in the so-called "Perversion Files" were being singled out Tuesday.

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And while I realize that “charming” might be an odd word to describe a graveyard, that is exactly what Sierra Madre Pioneer Cemetery is.On Tuesday, the law firms said they'd demand identifying and background information in every BSA leader accused of child sex abuse in New Jersey and New York.The "Perversion Files" documented horrific sex abuse allegations.Jeff Anderson said he planned to file multiple lawsuits against the Boy Scouts on behalf of many victims. There are more than 100,000 scouting units nationwide, the organization wrote on its website."When we got this information, we had to sound this alarm," he said. The Boy Scouts said in a statement to media outlets Monday night that it cares "deeply about all victims of child sex abuse" and sincerely apologizes to "anyone who was harmed during their time in Scouting." The organization stressed that it has enacted "strong youth protection policies" to prevent future abuses.

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