Shoutcast song title not updating

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The aim of sc_serv is to provide enhanced serving features and also access to the new YP2 infrastructure whilst maintaining as much backward compatibility with previous versions of sc_serv as possible.The new features introduced include: To take full advantage of the newer features provided as part of the SHOUTcast 2 and YP2 systems then you will need to ensure you are using a compatible version of sc_serv (any version 2 will work) and that you have the required authorisation key to register as a broadcaster on the YP2 directory (see section 3.0).Closing of the server will also happen if the IP cannot be resolved or correctly bound to i.e.server is not there or an invalid value was entered.

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If you are only working with a single instance then you do not need to add the _# part as any instances of a configuration option will assume it is for _1.This process automatically updates your configuration file(s) with the new authhash and if the stream is set to be public then will attempt to get the stream listed in the SHOUTcast Radio Directory.When using an older SHOUTcast 1 server then you do not need to do this registration and the server will still be able to be listed on the directory but there is not the same level of protection over the stream as is the case with registering it.Finally clients connecting to your server do not need to directly support SHOUTcast 2 as sc_serv will repackage the stream data and any related metadata into the correct format the client requests (typically based on the user agent detected by the server).One of the key aspects of the new YP2 directory infrastructure is an authorisation key which is used to validate your server when it tries to connect to the YP2 infrastructure for any of the station(s) you run.

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