Simple example program of validating form using onblur function

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family=Open Sans"); /* Color settings */ $form Bg: #2c3e50; $form Color: #fff; $input Bg: #fff; $input Color: #000; $button Bg: #e67e22; $button Color: #fff; $error Msg Color: #ff0000; /* Styles */ * body .container form That’s it, you’re done!

Now you have an idea how to set up form validation with j Query.

First, we need to include j Query v1.x as the validation plugin is currently only compatible with j Query versions lower than 2.0.

There are important peculiarities when working with focus events. Cheers guys According to the specification, if you just pass-through an input that is required and don't enter anything, the validation doesn't need to fire; only when you either enter something invalid or when you submit the form.I needed it to validate if you pass through a required field without entering anything too, so this is helpful for me. Obviously the input in my example would have other arguments, like: There are probably two specifications, unless the WHATWG and W3C are absolutely together on this one.Please keep in mind that this doesn’t replace server-side validation.It’s still possible for a malicious user to manipulate or bypass the validation rules (e.g. Sam Deering has 15 years of programming and website development experience.

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