Spatial updating dating a single father

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We here explore by means of the neuro-computational model the relationship between predictive remapping of receptive fields (Duhamel et al., 1992) and predictive remapping of attention.

How do these phenomena occur at the neural-systems level? If yes, why does the attention pointer update opposite to saccade direction, while the receptive fields update with the saccade vector?

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Furthermore, they proposed that such a transfer of activation may also be responsible for spatial updating of attention.

For example, when there is an impending eye movement, the visual system can anticipate where the target will appear on the retina after the eye movement, and in preparation for this, spatial attention updates and moves to a new location.

In subjects instructed to monitor a particular location in a scene while moving the eyes, two different types of spatial-attention shifts have recently been discovered.

In one type, spatial attention lingers after a saccade at the (irrelevant) retinotopic position—that is, the focus of attention appears to shift with the eyes but updates to its original world-centered position only after the eyes land at the saccade target location (Golomb, Chun, & Mazer, 2008; Golomb, Pulido, Albrecht, Chun, & Mazer 2010).

Another study by Rolfs, Jonikaitis, Deubel, & Cavanagh (2011) shows that shortly before saccade onset, a locus of attention appears at a position opposite to the direction of the saccade, which suggests an anticipatory correction of the effects of eye movements.

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