Speed dating learning

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Non-parametric tests were significant for all comparisons using Bonferroni corrections (α = .01)."The Eberly Center was really instrumental in helping us do the observations and assisting us with the assessments.

Stephen: I sent lots of cards, so I’ll get lots of cards – simple. Anyway, I thought you were going to help me with my online profile. So now Stephen thinks I should try online dating to see if I can meet someone on the internet.

The hypothesis was that, with speed dating compared to class presentations, students could (a) provide more feedback on project ideas as well as (b) provide more helpful feedback and (c) demonstrate greater participation in class.Halfway through the lesson, questioners become answerers, and vice versa.Pupils had previously been filling in a feedback sheet with all interviewees listed, but after a clever suggestion from one of my Upper Sixth on Monday, today pupils carried their own notebook around with them, and each person questioning them filled it in at the end of the round.Students completed brief surveys after each project-sharing session, and a sampling of sessions was observed by a trained researcher.According to the surveys, students reported receiving and giving much more helpful feedback during the speed dating sessions as compared to the presentation sessions.

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