Stephen colletti is dating

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Movie Review Stephen Colletti enjoys a net worth of about $ 1 million bucks.

The celebrity gained the amount at films and the tv shows along with his years of effort.

It's sci-fi and the Laguna Beach star plays the younger version of the main character, who thinks he can manipulate past situations through a movie projector.

Also coming up for Colletti is another appearance in an episode of the VH1 show Hit the Floor, as Teddy Reynolds.

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The girlfriend along with he loved a connection to May 2013 from March 2011.Most recently he totally "geeked" out over attending Comic-Con. Colletti Review Some do not find it after heartbreaks even though some folks find their fit in the connection.So you turn on MTV, and as that all-too-familiar Hilary Duff song graces your ears you're immediately sucked into the lives of upper class, abnormally beautiful, Southern California teens who make The O. And let's be real, the angst between Marissa and Ryan was nothing in comparison to Laguna Beach's L. We've stayed mostly in-the-know with the main girls of Laguna Beach for the past decade, thanks to sister show, The Hills. Hey, college isn't for everyone and Colletti had some major projects on the horizon.We know Lauren's a fashion force to be reckoned with, Kristin is hosting shows and making babies with Jay Cutler, and Lo is still being Lo. If you were alive and breathing in the mid-2000s, you probably also caught a little show from time to time called One Tree Hill. So if you somehow were completely oblivious and weren't aware, Colletti stormed his way into North Carolina in 2007 and set our hearts on fire as Chase Adams.

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