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I’m stealth in my day to day life and most people don’t realize I’m trans.

i prefer my fags on their knees and looking up towards master ready to obey any order i will give! DO NOT ASK FOR MORE IMAGES, CONVERSATIONS OR EVEN A MEET UNTIL YOU HAVE TRIBUTED YOUR MASTER, I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A SMALL PATHETIC TRIBUTE, THAT WON'T WORK!My little age is 2-4 and I would love someone who sets rules and likes to check in sometimes.I love to go into little space whenever I get home after work and I use pacifiers, stuffies and cute clothes. I’m trans but I fully identify as a woman and have transitioned very far." Minimum OOC, respect Whisper prefs and enjoy your time here! i Group ID=er Wt RAue9SM-Torvaldsland begins where the Northern Forests end.The Hrimgar Mountains encompass most of the center of Torvaldsland.

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