Stop dating a married man

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Christmas, Thanksgiving, holiday weekends, family vacations – you won’t have those moments with him unless he lies to his wife. There’s a good chance he told her that last night before they went to bed and this morning before he went to work. You’re helping him lie and cheat which makes you equally dishonest.

He might lie about a lot of things, but few men will lie well enough to get out of a family holiday.

You may still love him at this point, and that's okay.If he does, however, consider that he is not reliable marriage material, as he has already shown how seriously he takes his marriage vows.A life with this man means you will forever be looking over your shoulder for 'the other woman.' Remind yourself of this and it will be easier to discontinue the relationship.Perhaps you are deep in a relationship with a married man and are trying to figure out how to break it off with him.Though the married man may promise to leave his wife and start a new life with you, he may continue to leave you hanging or string you along until you become tired of his empty words.

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