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By now you're familiar with the #Me Too hashtag, with which thousands of women have come forward about their experiences with sexual harassment and assault. A new hashtag has popped up in the last 24 hours: #Not Me.

We all internalize misogyny to some extent and I am never surprised, though I am disappointed, when it expresses in pop culture critiques. It is necessary to evaluate and critique all pop culture, no matter the gender of the creator.

Being a woman does not make you immune from criticism when your work is problematic.

Should we talk about how things like, for example, the way gender performance in pop culture plays a role in how we perceive gender in real life?

Absolutely we should, but the scrutiny applied to female creators of pop culture seems to run much deeper to me.

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This includes people in feminist spaces who judge creators for everything from showing too much skin to not being feminist enough.

It often seems, quite frankly, like an excuse to bring on the hate.

As Snarky’s Machine pointed out in comments on Monday’s post, it’s very telling to see what of work and creators get passes from the feminist community, and what gets ignored or trashed.

Either way, maybe reconsider Tweeting #Not Me because you’re proud you never raped anyone. @carolinephinney by Caroline Phinney I feel kind of bad for 2019 because people are already mad at it and it hasn't even started. That means you’re going to have to shake off the dust and become alert.

It's like when you get with someone following a breakup and you're already assuming they're cheating on and lying to you, because why would anyone ever be genuine? Venus and Saturn will also connect this week, offering us some much-needed connection to other people, as well as clarity…

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