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In 2007, a group of forward-thinking high school students involved in Norwalk’s Center for Youth Leadership took the opportunity to advocate for questions on teen dating violence to be expanded in the survey.“They had the courage to come to the survey planning committee and say, ‘We see this unhealthy behavior in our peer group,’” said Celeste Jorge, coordinator of the Connecticut high school survey. In the 2015 survey, the percentage of Connecticut high school students who responded in the affirmative to these questions were 7.8 percent, 8 percent, and 11.5 percent, respectively.Bring CCADV’s I Choose/Yo Escojo Campaign to your school or organization!The campaign stems from the idea that violence is a choice – and with the right mentors and the right tools, boys and young men can choose to rise above dating violence and begin to understand how good choices can result in life-affirming successes.

Tip: You can quickly leave this website by clicking on the "X" icon in the bottom right or by pressing the Escape key twice.They’re developing a mobile app aimed at improving decision-making for mothers and daughters exposed to domestic violence.The app will display graphic novellas accessed via a video game, through which users choose a character they relate to, and subsequently pick behaviors that result in either positive or negative consequences.And we know that early exposure to abusive or violent relationships increases the likelihood of those types of relationships being repeated later in life.So having these conversations at an early age and modeling healthy relationships is critical to having a longterm impact on domestic violence.

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