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Zoosk took a nosy at 3,733,185 dating profiles and 364,609,566 first messages, to work out how mentioning different foods affected online daters’ romantic interactions.The dating site also surveyed over 7,000 single people because my god, they love data.Another day, another suggestion on how to be more successful at not dying alone.Not sharing too many photos, not talking about sex with an ex and not making jokes about your potential date’s appearance are all good places to start, apparently.The software solution provides many useful options such as automatic Perfect Match selection, Advanced search and Registration forms, IM and Video Chats, Hot-or-Not Feature, Free Trial Membership, Premium membership options, flexible source code and many more. These and other features will make your website an ultimate place for matchmaking.

We’re off to do a guacamole face mask with aubergine eye pads.Poor old Chicken Connoisseur must have a terrible time of it on Tinder, hey? Those who mention the word ‘cook’ receive 26% more incoming messages.Putting aside specific food for a second, Zoosk reveal that just the mere whiff of the fact you love food will send prospective candidates into a frenzy, with those who say they’re a ‘foodie’ and those who talk about cooking receiving more messages. Before you start crafting some cool, culinary openers, we’ve got some confusing news for you.Chameleon is the most advanced version of matchmaking software to date.With new features, higher levels of security, and a completely new modular structure, Able Dating offers the most powerful tool in dating site software.

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