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The last couple of flicks I've seen of him he seemed a little out of shape.

I'd still hit it though if it turned out he was clean.

In December 2012, Byron announced that he was no longer part of this first company and was forming a second, Tom Byron Company.

To me there's nothing more exciting than seeing a porn star known for being straight turn up in a gay scene. One of my favorites, Jack Hammer, has been in dozens of straight porn flicks, but also did a bi flick, where he got sucked off and screwed a guy.

He was also said to have had an ongoing off-screen relationship with Lords, though he later downplayed their relationship.

Matts older brother Vince delivers a call-girl, Angel, to teach Matt some of the ropes of love and lust. In this porn spoof of Risky Business, Matt (Tom Byron) dreams of starting a house of ill repute with his brother Vince (Jerry Butler) and his girlfriends while his parents are away.

His late 1980s long-haired hard rock persona was no pretense, as Byron was at that time moonlighting as a struggling hard rock musician in Hollywood with hopes of a legitimate career in music.

By the early 1990s, Byron again changed his persona and appearance to that of a clean cut "businessman" type.

BOO I've got to see that if it's the last thing I ever do. Buck Adams Did A Tg Movie, And Joey Silvera Does Them Exclusively Now.

Roberto Malone Did A Tg Movie Long Ago And Tony Elay Did A Gay Film At The Beginning Of His Career. Johnny Nineteen Did A Photo Shoot Withhim Using A Dildo ok,the brian pumper thing: i'm from germany,so on the german-wikipedia if you go to "brian pumper" it is said that he did some gay stuff, because of the higher sallaries,but dropped the subject relatively soon because he was "afraid" that people would start thinking of him as being i also would have given you names of movies if i could but there are no names,so sorry for the teasing ps.: he also did some rapping as the "bling man" pps.: here is a list of all (?

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