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Amazon also has many electronic titles you can borrow, and you can set a calendar date you’d like the rental period to end.You can use Amazon’s Kindle or the Kindle app to get your materials box for returns.Getting instant access means you won’t fall behind if you’ve decided to rent rather than buy your textbooks.

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How We Tested First, we researched to find the best textbook companies by looking at their online offerings, rental and buying options, their return policies and support centers.But, if you do place an order with Chegg for a physical copy of your book, you can get an e-text version of it right away.That way, if your professor assigns readings the first day, you won’t get behind while waiting for your book to arrive.Chegg is an online student hub that, in addition to online textbook rentals, connects students with online tutoring, scholarship services and test prep.After our testing, we think that Chegg offers some of the best textbook rental options because of its flexible rental periods and instant access to an e-text version of your book.

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