Updating airport express firmware

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The firmware had already downloaded so I thought that was ok.

I had installed the firmware on other Airports on separate networks without issues using the same laptop just before.

However, antivirus maker Sophos speculates this could have allowed hackers to get into your network if you visited even an innocuous looking website—without even clicking anything on the page—by directing your browser to a "booby trapped" domain.

If this was the case, an attacker could gain access to your Air Port router and, through that, your network and anything connected to it.

With full access to your computers, it would be simple to steal your data or even hold your computer hostage with ransomware.

While we've heard no reports of this vulnerability actually being exploited, you certainly don't want to take the risk that it might be.

It happened after I tried to connect to another Airport while it was installing.If you have an Air Port Express, Air Port Extreme or Air Port Time Capsule (with 802.11n or 802.11ac Wi-Fi), you'll want to download this firmware update right away. First, you'll want to be sure no one's accessing data through your Air Port devices.If any of your Air Ports are used to share an internal or external hard drive, make sure no one's accessing that data when you update.device on your network has it enabled, you cannot simultaneously enable VPN pass-through on your router to access your other network devices. If you run Server outer any other VPN you probably want to know this rarely mentioned fact.Airport Utility on my i OS device isn't working very well.

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