Updating antivirus dat files on diskette

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Once installed on a computer an antivirus monitors, detects, and cleans any computer viruses by looking for virus signatures.What a virus does to a computer once it has infected the computer depends on the type of virus.

When the virus is executed, it spreads by copying itself into or over data files, programs, or boot sector of a computer's hard drive, or potentially anything else writable.

Domino-based web sites CCMail Svr Lotus Notes e-mail; E-Mail attachment types; ENCODED attachments; MIME; POP3 e-mail; Realtime scans for in-bound e-mails; Server-side e-mail svr scans; Scans DB for data incl.

Domino-based web sites TMCM acts as a central command ctr.

Mc Afee Spam Killer appliances are integrated hardware/software appliances providing anti-spam & content mgmt functionality; appliances are available in three models, e250, e500, & e1000; they include a 6 month free AV trial.

Mc Afee Web Sield appliances are integrated hardware/software combined solutions providing anti-virus scanning, content filtering, spam detection & URL filtering; appliances are available in three models, e250, 2500 & e1000.

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