Updating redhat 9

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Once the problem is fixed, the package is tested and released as an erratum update.If an erratum update is released for software used on your system, it is highly recommended that you update the affected packages as soon as possible to minimize the amount of time the system is potentially vulnerable. Often, these bugs can result in a vulnerability that can expose your system to malicious users.See Table 3.1, “Security-related commands usable with yum updateinfo” for an overview of these commands.

updating redhat 9-8

After downloading and installing security errata and updates, it is important to halt the usage of the old software and begin using the new software.

Test security updates when they become available and schedule them for installation.

Additional controls need to be used to protect the system during the time between the release of the update and its installation on the system.

How this is done depends on the type of software that has been updated.

The following list itemizes the general categories of software and provides instructions for using updated versions after a package upgrade.

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