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She’s gotten huge love from others on the show in the form of encouraging comments and heart emojis from Salim, Jay, Manny, Bam, and even Luke.Justin is keeping his Instagram account private and took his last name out of his account.Sebastien Lessard, is a 37-year-old single guy living in Vancouver.He’s dated five years younger than his age, and up to 15 years older.Unlike Tiffany, he denied my follow request within an hour. Luckily his real estate bio is still around, and it richly proclaims that he “enjoys traveling the globe and exploring new cultures.” Unfortunately, basic empathy was not on his list of skills and hobbies.Manny was a fan favorite from Gurki’s episode, and he took a minute on Twitter to explain why things didn’t work between the two romantically, saying, “We didn’t want the same things but we are still friends.” Sounds mature!He liked comments on the post calling her “condescending.” He seems fragile — maybe Sarah dodged a bullet there? Mila seems to be happily dating someone else, as does Charlotte!

However, the two do follow each other on Instagram and occasionally toss each other a like. Kate confirmed on Instagram stories that she’s single and has moved to LA.Throw in the French accent and the wry sense of humour, and Lessard just might be the total package.The women at the back table of the Bottleneck bar on Granville Street are a cluster of long locks, funky accessories, a mix of tanned and fair, naturally athletic bodies and discreetly dabbed lip gloss.All three of them are mutuals with Luke on Instagram.Gurki continues to choose herself, and remains friendly with all the guys from her episode except Justin.

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