Vyatta driver sd needs updating Cam2cam chatting without register

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if you download a program it could come up with after you may have to restart your computer and you just click the start and then the restart , if your mouse stops or the like then you reboot by the machine by pressing the button and wait till it restarts . cheers.which is best to do after installing or uninstalling a program? However, in the pre-vista/w7 days, I read that during a complete shut down the OS performs a view extra "housecleaning" tasks.

A restart allows the power to remain on and is a little less tramatic to the power supply and other running parts. Since a restart, reboot, power off/on all make the PC clear chaches, clear RAM, and force a new registry read, the choice is yours. Re Start will shut down your pc but not kill all the power. But that some suggest doing it anyway So I guess its just personal preference on "restart" or not (unless specifiaclly prompted to do so)As other posters have mentioned re-start and reboot are the same.

Otherwise it wouldn't be necessary until convienient.

If I see that it loads some drivers for certain hardware, I will elect to cold boot and be sure there are no incompatablity issues with other programs or hardware.

Often power outages create these faults and it doesn't get time to close any files, stop any processes or do an orderly shutdown.

This resets the power supply and all devices or power going to the cards or motherboard, drives and even fans.

I know when windows updates get installed, the prompt is to "restart" and it seems when I hit that, it doesn't completely shutdown, but just restarts.

Personally unless I am shutting down for an extended period of time I just restart.If you choose RESTART the electricity is never turned off, the hard drive does not stop spinning or go into park mode.In both RESTART and SHUTDOWN, the software OS should complete an orderly "software OS shutdown".There may be times when you want to do a SHUTDOWN instead of a RESTART because some hardware part is not acting correctly.In most cases a REBOOT is referring to a "software OS restart", but sometimes it's used to mean either a Soft or Hard boot. RESTART = Software OS Shutdown and Software OS Startup (Power is already ON) (Soft/Warm Boot)SHUTDOWN = Software OS Shutdown and Power Turned Off (Hard/Cold Boot)START = Power Turned On and Software OS Startup.(OS=Operating System such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix)Simply put, a restart is a reboot.

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