Who is hosea chanchez dating

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Maybe, she bored being unattached from the last few years.Previously this beautiful young actress was dating to Hosea Chanchez and Romeo Miller.Not only does the book of Hosea provide an example of God’s love to a people who have left God behind, but it also shows us what forgiveness and restoration look like in a close relationship.

Throughout the book, Hosea pictured the people turning away from the Lord and turning toward other gods (–3; 8:5–6).

The cycle of repentance, redemption, and restoration evident in Hosea’s prophecy—and even his marriage (Hosea 1:2; 3:1–3)—remains intimately connected to our lives.

This sequence plays itself out in the lives of real people, reminding us that the Scriptures are far from a mere collection of abstract statements with no relation to real life.

Certainly, God brings judgment on those who turn from Him, but Hosea’s powerful act of restoration within his own marriage set the bar high for those of us seeking godliness in our lives.

These days, 30 years old Francia Raisa is no more single, but still, she is unwed and has no kids.

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