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After the band ended, he joined Bl’ast as its second guitarist.

Born in 1966, Sean Kinney had always had an interest in music since he was just a child. The first band that he played for was his grandfather’s when he was only 7.

His journey to founding and becoming a part of Alice in Chains began when he met Layne Staley in 1985. When Kinney met him, he told him that while he was cool, he would need to change his drummer because it sucked, suggesting that he be the replacement.

In 1987 when Alice in Chains was set to start, he got the call to become their drummer.

It was while he was there that he met Layne Staley, who was the vocalist of Alice N’ Chains.

It was almost at this time that the Alice N’ Chains broke and Staley joined Diamond Lie which was already making a name for itself in the Seattle area and before long, the name was changed to Alice in Chains.

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