Who is john edwards dating now

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Edwards "was at home when he started to feel pain and tightness in his chest,” a family source told the National Enquirer, the thorn in his side for years.

Rielle Hunter's new tell-all What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me contains many seedy revelations, but this one may take the cake.

The New York Daily News reports, the two stopped at Panzanella in Charlotte, NC, an Italian spot, where they donned laid-back attire and broke bread.

King clearly looks much younger that her alleged boyfriend and she certainly is not from his close circles so what’s the deal with this new woman spending some quality time with the public political figure, former husband and father??

Edwards was born June 10, 1953, to Wallace Reid Edwards and Catharine Juanita "Bobbie" Edwards (née Wade) in Seneca, South Carolina.

The family moved several times during Edwards' childhood, eventually settling in Robbins, North Carolina, where his father worked as a textile mill floor worker and was eventually promoted to supervisor.

After law school, Edwards clerked for federal judge Franklin Dupree in North Carolina, and in 1978 became an associate at the Nashville law firm of Dearborn & Ewing, doing primarily trial work, defending a Nashville bank and other corporate clients.

In 1984, Edwards was assigned to a medical malpractice lawsuit that had been perceived to be unwinnable; the firm had accepted it only as a favor to an attorney and state senator who did not want to keep it.

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Danielle King is said to have gotten close to John Edwards and his two young children and has become a fixture at the family’s home. Initial reports say King has been dating Edwards since he split from Rielle Hunter, with whom he fathered a child while running for President in 2008. that Danielle, watches the kids when John goes out of town. According to The new Enquirer Edwards’ son, Jack, wrote an essay for school about King and called her his “hero” in a Facebook post. She works at Duke University as a clinical research co-ordinator in the University’s “Cancer Care Research Program.” Edwards’ late wife, Elizabeth, died age 61 of breast cancer in 2010. She marks a new period in the life of the disgraced former senator. The Daily Mail reports during their date, the couple arrived separately at the restaurant and kept a distance from each other when they left. Nevertheless, Edwards won a .7 million verdict on behalf of his client, who had suffered permanent brain and nerve damage after a doctor prescribed an overdose of the anti-alcoholism drug Antabuse during alcohol aversion therapy.In other cases, Edwards sued the American Red Cross three times, alleging transmission of AIDS through tainted blood products, resulting in a confidential settlement each time, and defended a North Carolina newspaper against a libel charge.Did you hear about 60-year-old former democratic former Senator Johnny Reid better known as “John” Edwards’ latest love interest? After his cheating scandal and the death of his wife, Edwards seems willing to move on with King; Sources told the Enquirer the pair was “very smiley” as they broke bread together. However while inside, their closeness was evident to other diners. Let’s meet new gal pal, Danielle King, the much younger love interest of former two-time presidential candidate John Edwards.

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