Who is song seung heon dating

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These photos show the actors outside and inside of a vehicle: The following photos show their vehicle entering the actress’ vacation home as well as the actress with her family members: The pair are 11 years apart in age with Song Seung Hun being 39 and Liu Yifei being 28.Meanwhile, the actor’s agency has confirmed their relationship after checking with the actor.

I'm a Danish girl living in Korea teaching economics at Sogang economics.

In any case, the lovely Liu Yifei will now need to learn the awesome language of Korean in order to communicate with her new boyfriend.

On the off-chance that she stumbles across my blog google searching pictures of her and her handsome 오빠, here’s a little help with her studies. I personally find myself using these expressions with my tutors A LOT.

News broke yesterday that the eternal bachelor had initiated a relationship with the much hyped Chinese actress, Liu Yifei.

This instantly caused surprise and cheer online, and I must say that since the ship has long sailed on him dating Kim Tae Hee, this girl is a fine match indeed.

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