Who is stevie j from love and hip hop dating

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Ernest is there and Shirleen has invited Momma Dee. Stevie and Joseline meet up and have a confrontation about everything that has happened over the last five years. Eventually, she leans down, kisses him and tells him yes. Tommie decides to go to therapy to get help for her drinking.

When she shows up she pulls out a sheaf of papers and hands them to Ernest. The therapist asks her about her relationships and she talks about her childhood and the fact that she had a broken relationship with her dad who was killed a year after being released from a 17-year prison.

Love & Hip Hop New York fans took to social media to let Amina know that they were not impressed with her pregnancy.

Not only has Peter been openly cheating on Amina with Tara (and vice versa), but she just had an abortion during Season 6.

Then, she was livid when Peter informed her that he was having a vasectomy, because that meant Tara got to have his last baby and not her.

The hype started when the two hosted a party together at the Blue Flame Lounge in Atlanta.This will be Peter’s 10th child, and ironically Amina confirmed her pregnancy the same week that Peter’s other baby-mama Tara Wallace introduced her new baby boy Gunner to the world.The fact that Peter Gunz basically has been in a relationship with both Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace for years now is really just a tiny piece of the issue at hand.Ariane understands their unhappiness but goes over to welcome them to the party anyway. The pair kept their dating life out of the public eye but during the time period, Stevie allegedly got a 20-year-old woman pregnant, according to the Jasmine Brand.

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