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Refinancing and consolidation are two ways to bundle multiple student loan payments into one—and in the case of refinancing, potentially save money on interest.Whether to go for one of these options, though, depends on the type of loans you have and how much you stand to save.Refinancing is credit-based, meaning your credit score is a primary factor in whether you qualify and the new interest rate you'll receive.The lender will also take your income and current debt-to-income ratio into account.While it sounds morbid, federal loans are also forgiven if the borrower dies.That means your estate or heirs don't have to pay back the debt.Choosing one could make your payments much more affordable.

Extending your payback period can be tempting, since it will reduce your monthly payment.Refinancing has the added benefit of reducing the cost of your loans if you qualify for a lower interest rate or monthly payment.Be sure to weigh the tradeoffs before refinancing, though, especially if you include federal loans in the bundle.The ability to pause payments: Federal loans come with forbearance and deferment programs that let you take a break from payments if you lose your job, get sick or go back to school.If you don't know when you'll be able to get back on track, though, consider a longer-term solution like switching to income-driven repayment.

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