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Fan from India I am sure no other drama will ever make me cry as much as Uncontrollably Fond did! His screen presence is so sincere and heartfelt ❤️, you find yourself laughing and crying with him. Best regards from the US I rarely give comments but I couldn't help it this time. I know this message won't reach you but this is the least thing I could do to somehow give you strength since being by your side seemed to be the most impossible thing right now. And I believe that you are strong enough and more than capable to do so. Wish you and Shin Min Ah a happy life :) To me you're the best Korean Actor I'm komala from India, I heard that you're suffering with cancer, I really don't the news that is going on in online is true or not . Stay blessed Kim woo bin stay strong and keep fighting..always be der for you and will always be loving u in the corner of the world..keep praying for ur good health and soon recovery..u sooooooo much and waiting for u to come back with a bang..❤ Keeping you in positive thoughts & prayers that you will beat this disease, that the meds/treatments kill this disease from your body and hopefully not get too sick from treatment. Kim Woo Bin, God is with you always, keep fighting and praying and living your best life.... ♡NYC As always you are bravo so fight n kneel down this thing... why that sad ending , I did really hope that some miracle will appear or something but I was sure you won't die but on the side I love you sooooooooooooo much and what even greater is that u still alive . Me and all your fans will always support you and have your back Woo bin I love your acting so much. It's been a like nearly 3 years since they've said that and still no Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won romance drama. when can i see you as a main lead...really want to see your act ASAP, cause you're very cool indeed in every film you take,really like it, hope to see you , maybe only in my dream, hehehe....fighting opa School 2013 was a okay drama, I understand how now, Lee Jong-Suk is a good actor after his role in I Can Hear Your Voice, but this guy really hasn't proven himself as a actor who brings in the ratings, I feel that he is mediocre and really doesn't deserve so much hype.

Hearing about your illness now breaks my heart and hoping to see you back giving us good content. I'm sure our unique woo bin is strong enough to fight his illness and come back healthier and stronger. Glad I found somewhere to get these thoughts and feelings out. Stay healthy and do as your doctor says so you can crush down that really bad disease and regain your healthy again. Now I'm watching your new drama "Uncontrollably Fond", I loved it and I am looking forward to know how it will end. Keep good working but make sure that you choose your roles wisely. not only that you are handsome, but also i can see that you are humble and kind. His looks (his eyes and damn those brows), his smile, sense of humor, and his voice (it's hella sexy). I've watched all his movies and drama series, and all his characters captivate me. I REALLY REALLY WANT KIM WOO BIN AND KIM JI WON TO DO A DRAMA TOGETHER!!!!!! I really liked the way you looked at while in the drama The Heirs. Now I'm really waiting for you in this latest movie. His role in The Heirs was awesome,by his gestures,staring eyes,his mischievous smile,can relayed the full meaning of what his portraying. just thanks for give me a happy :* Park Heung Soo i really like that character of you in SCHOOL 2013, you make me heart cried when you finally make friends again to GO NAM SOON... Oh and keep smiling, you have an amazing smile that just drives me crazy x) Saranghaeyo! i really love your voice especially when i heard you sang in china, it`s very manly eventhough i cant understand the lyrics i felt the song... I know in near future I can visit your country and enjoy my stay.... I hope I can be one of your lucky fan that can have a chance to see you in the near future!!!!! all your fans from philippines is looking forward to seeing you... But now he's one of the leading roles in "The Heirs" I think he's got so much ahead of him.

One of the most selective actors in the Korean entertainment industry, he has starred in only five films to date, Guns & Talks, Taegukgi, My Brother, Mother and The Man from Nowhere.

Won Bin was born and raised in Jeongseon County in Gangwon Province, South Korea.

on the other hand ji hyun woo pushed her off the bridge so she obviously didn't accept her as well as she should have. The cast of Rude Miss Young-Ae - 2007 includes: Jung Da Hye as Lee Young Chae Jung Ha Kim as Kim Jung Ah Kwi Hyun Song as Lee Kwi Hyun Seo Hyun Yoon as Yoon Seo Hyun Sang Jin Park as Lee Young Min Won Joon Choi as Choi Won Joon Hyung Kwan Yoo as Yoo Hyung Kwan Se Won Go as Kim Hyuk Gyu Seo Yeon Im as Byun Ji Won Jun Ji-Hyun has appeared in quite a number of films throughout her career's filmography.Some examples of these are White Valentine, II Mare, My Sassy Girl, The Uninvited, Windstruck, Daisy, The Thieves, and The Berlin File. The first time I saw you in the Heirs and I fell for your act, your emotions building up in each scene. He is a very good actor and a bad boy especially In the heirs. Other than Philip Lee I have never been in love with a T. Didn't allow my roommates the peace of mind while watching 'Heirs' cus I kept on talkin abt u dat some had to come and watch to see who I was tokin abt. I will def check out ur oda movies and hope to see u in more. But because you catched my attention while watching the Heirs, waah I go crazy watching it again and again as in repeatedly because of you and Lee Min Ho, hahaha. Woo Bin is real something big,i was a fan of Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk and JKS but after watching the heirs and those two bro-pairs(bro-romance) in school 2013 this guy caught my attention,keep it up Woo Bin...likewise to my favorite actors..... He really proved himself to be awesome from his outstanding performances in 'The Heirs' , 'School 2013' and even the many minor roles, the cameo appearances etc. I just love you Kim Woo-Bin your my idol I watched all ur old movies and watched all your dramas and can't wait for your two new movies coming out this year. At first, I didn't think something special on woo bin. Because I don't feel anything in cha eun sang and kim tan. I hope kim woo bin be male lead in the next drama but still act like a bad guy but have soft heart I think Kim Woo Bin looks much hotter with the hairstyle he got in the Heirs. lol You are a very good actor and I understand your character. Just because you are very rich does not mean you don't love or have problems as others. Your character is bad, kindhearted, sweet, always being there for the main girl, and not perfect. When I see you with the main girl and Lee Min Ho just "magically" pops up, oh please. Either your character is with the main girl because of a story twist, or you have someone better than the main girl. This is the first time that i make something like this. And yes do come to Africa sometime in future I very much your style in acting even if you are not doing the lead role but my vote is for you.. SIMPLE but ROCK..awesome but handsome..of all your killer smile that can create maybe goosebumps if it was in person. His personality in the heirs madethat drama interesting. The story is trying to make your character look horrible when I just see the perfect man of my dreams.

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