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The show was ordered to series by NBC on the condition that they added a woman, and thus Julia Louis-Dreyfus was cast as Elaine Benes, Jerry’s ex-lover and current friend. Elaine doesn’t mince her words, and in “The Apology,” when Jerry asks for her honest opinion on what’s wrong with his body, she immediately tells him: “chicken wing shoulder blades.” When he confesses that he walked around naked in front of a girlfriend, she quickly warns him that he shouldn’t have done that.Sometimes, someone who you initially do not find yourself attracted to, suddenly becomes charming and lovable in your eyes.This “used to” happen more often, prior to the social phenomenons such as technology taking over human communications and relationships, and other social influences like the “#Me Too” movement. There is nothing quite better than a personal “referral”.Using this feedback we are able to zero in on your perfect match.We also offer coaching for all of our clients looking for that extra help.

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