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Because you could see Alex's foot in one scene then when it pans out you can't see him. She is a truly scary individual and has major problems.

Which he would have to be Flash Lightning to move that fast. And next week they finally get a real woman on there it looks like. This show is getting rather sloppy in spots in how they try to produce drama out of a bunch of "pretty" people lounging around in "Paradise". Here's hoping for the inevitable Playboy photo layout of the Girls from Paradise Hotel! I agree on the Dave sentiments, he just doesn't fit in at all.

Toni is a 'roid-raging freak and I am going crazy trying to figure out how she is still there. What is the prize on this show - is it just the chance at an extended vacation?

The best part of the show was that they showed previews for Temptation Island 3, which will be starting next month!!!

As you can see in her Instagram and in her mission statement for She Lift, Sarah is an avid lover of the outdoors, and despite having one arm, she pushes herself to the physical limit, climbing and hiking and working out and all that.

Sarah wanted other girls to know that one physical impairment does not have to impact her capabilities.

You can watch every episode from Seasons 1 and 2 on youtube.

The look on Charla's face when Tara decided to boot Amanda was classic (especially choosing to room with Dave again to clear the field for Tara). ) What was Amanda thinking picking Scott first before being shoved over towards Beau? The greatest reality dating show ever shall return!!! especially after watching crap like Paradise Hotel. I was watching Blind Date last night and I saw a repeat of an episode she appeared on where she dated a staff member of the Jim Rome Show.

On three floors with more than 100 rooms beautiful and sexy ladies are expecting you.

They know what you desire and how to fulfil your needs.

Like when Beau "almost" walked in on Alex and Amanda. I don't care for the girl they pick either - bad choice, she seems too fake to me. (hopefully Toni) "EXCUSE ME" I think the "fight" between Toni and Beau was staged for Matt's benefit, and it seemed to work because Matt sized up his options and fell into the trap that Toni and Beau set for him. My guess is that Amanda wants to stay for the same reason everyone wants to stay - they probably think there is a big monetary surprise for those who make it to the end.

You could tell they pieced that shot together to make it look like that. Toni is a f'n psycho and her big ass needs to go home. " She needs to quit living her life from one reality show to the next.

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